• Nidhi Software

    EMV Softwares Pvt. Ltd. has developed NIDHI SOFTWARE Nidhi Company Software by its vast experienced professionals with full data security. It will help you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities by speeding up your work and reducing your operational time. Our Software has a centralized database that is very beneficiary for Nidhi Companies with core banking operations like Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposits, Loan to Customers, Monthly Income Schemes, Dividend declarations etc.

    We have carefully analyzed the Nidhi software business requirements to make perfect Nidhi software. This software has the features to handle multi branches, multi user entry and reporting operations. Our Software handles the Members details, Saving Account, Current Account, FD Account, RD Account, and DDS Account.

    It handles the management of Cheque book and Bond and Receipt. It handles all kind of Loan operations, Printing Loan Ledger, Automatic Interest Calculations. Our company provides this type of software which have a lots of outstanding banking features such as FD, RD, MLM, Daily Cash Account, Saving Accounts and Loan Accounts. Our NIDHI SOFTWARE is the best Nidhi Company Software at a very reasonable rate. We are also providing Financial Accounting Module which will be beneficiary to Nidhi Companies during Audit. Our Software is very user-friendly and is helpful for any company which is doing Nidhi related business. Our software is fully customizable providing the business with each and every tool it wants for its smooth operations.


Nidhi Company

Micro Finance Company

NBFC Company

Any RD/FD Deposit Schemes

Credit Co-Operative Society



  • Country master
  • State Master
  • District master
  • Group master
  • Relation master
  • Task master
Loan management
  • Loan master
  • Add Loan
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Calculator
  • Delete Loan Disbursement
  • Emi Receiving
  • Delete Emi Receipt
Monthly Closing
  • Master
  • Monthly Payout
  • Payout Report
  • Target Management
  • Pending Monthly Payout
Master Management
  • Member Registration
  • Membership Receipt
  • Search/Edit Member
Account management
  • Bank master
  • Ledger Master
  • Account group master
  • Account sub group
  • Account group vs Balance sheet
  • Payment Vouchar
  • Receipts Vouchar
  • Journal Vouchar
  • Contra Voucher
  • Search/Edit Voucher
  • DateWise Ledger Report
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Receipt Reports
Branches Management
  • Branch Registration
  • Search/ Edit Branch
  • Employee Report
  • Advisor Report
  • Bond Pending For Approval (Re-Print)
  • FD-MIS Return Report
  • Pending Cheques For Approval
  • Total Receipt Pending For Approval
  • Closed Account Report
  • Accounting Reports
  • Token Reports
  • Maturity Request
  • Renewal Pending For Approval (Re-Print)
  • Accounts Report
  • EMI Receipt Report
Advisor management
  • Add Advisor
  • RD/FD Calculator
  • Promotion Management
  • Stats and Reports
  • Print Management
  • Transfer Business
Employee management
  • Master
  • Add Employee
  • Employee Attendance
  • Generate Salary
  • Generate Pay Slip
  • Leave Management
  • Advance Salary Management
  • Add BDM Business
  • BDM vs Branches
  • Gate Pass Management
  • Print Management
Shares management
  • Master
  • Share Allotment
  • Share Transfer
  • Print Management
  • Admin Settings
  • System Setting
  • User Rights Settings
  • EMP Login Setting
  • Commission Settings
  • Group Vs User Rights Panel
  • Promotion Settings
  • Developed by Best Nidhi Professionals
  • Made As Per Government Nidhi Rules
  • Automatic Corrections
  • Fully Operational on Any device like Smart phones, Tablets, laptops , leds etc.
  • Relation master
  • upto the mark
  • Fully Web based real time Finance Management Software
  • Multi-Location, Multi-States, Multi-Branches
  • Easy to use Software (User Friendly)
  • Support Center for live query Handling
  • Advance Level Settings, Easy and faultless settings
  • Complete KYC with verification process and documentations
  • Dynamic RD/ FD/ MIS Calculator
  • Dynamic Nidhi Loan Calculator
  • Prematurity Calculations
  • Agent Commission Master – Slab creation, Product basis, Amount basis, Target
  • Penalty / late fee calculation
  • Deposit Collection by Cheques/ Cash/ Neft / Draft
  • Digital Document Section for record keeping
  • Charges / Collect Late Fees / Collect Miscellaneous Fees
  • Fully well-versed with SMS and Email Integration
  • Fully Customizable Solution as per Client’s Requirement
  • Multi sub admin System to manage various activities
  • Advance Level Settings, Easy and faultless settings
  • Various Type of MIS Report
  • Dedicated Support Center for Live Query Handling
  • Fully tested with Thousands of Records
  • More security & transparency
  • Easy to Integrate with any Module if later required by client
  • Android / IOS App Available on Demand
  • Data Transaction Logging and Roll Back
  • Supports unlimited user access and unlimited security level.
  • Settings for Passbook, Bond, Receipt and other Material as per client Requirement.
  • Specialization & Expertise in Software Domain
  • Expertise in Solution building & Customization as per client requirement
  • Feel Good Environment while working in software – Fully Responsive
  • Fully Fledged software with all required modules for future prospects
  • Fast up-gradations and changes possible
  • No Regular Maintenance Required


Why should I use Nidhi Software To Manage My Business?

  • Nidhi is most of the reliable software with complete user integrity & advanced data security.
  • Nidhi Software provides core banking solutions at very reasonable cost.
  • Nidhi Software has user friendly interfaces with completely customization providing each & every tool for its smooth operations.
  • To handle the complex operations of nidhi company. It’s almost impossible to manage the company without software.
  • If you are really serious about building a finance business then you must have proper reports & data which our software provides at the first place.

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