• CRM-After Sales Software

    EMV Softwares developed CRM Software. It helps to manage after sales services for the customers regarding their issues after using products and resolving through call Management system and benefits businesses in several ways, making it the ideal solution for those who need a way to manage their customer and after sales services. It makes your work to easy.

    CRM software provides small to medium sized businesses with a customer relationship management option that is flexible, easy to implement, and cheaper than other CRM software options. CRM software benefits businesses in several ways, making it the ideal solution for those who need a way to manage their customer and sales databases without the hassle and expense of purchasing traditional CRM programming.



Trading Franchise

Manufacturing Companies

Service Centers



Dealer Management
  • Add Dealer
  • Search & Edit Dealer
Employee Management
  • Create Employee
  • Geographical Area to Employee
  • Login Time Frame
  • Logout Employee
Call Reg Masters
  • Call By
  • Call Type Master
  • Complaint Priority
  • Complaint Type
  • Warranty Type Master
Order Management
  • Issue Form
  • Purchase Order
  • Return Material Form
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order Invoice
  • Search & Edit Issue Form
  • Search & Edit Purchase Order
  • Search & Edit Return
  • Search & Edit Sales Invoice
  • Search & Edit Sales Order
  • Search Sale Invoice Print
Place Masters
  • Country Master
  • State Master
  • District Master
  • Area Master
Product Management
  • Add Product
  • Search & Edit Product
Call Management
  • Edit Service Call
  • Technician Feedback
  • Add Service Call
  • Call Allocation
  • Close A Call
Channel Management
  • Add Supplier/Distributor
  • Search & Edit Supplier/Distributor
  • supplier Type Master
Warranty/AMC Management
  • Search & Edit Warranty/AMC
  • Warranty/AMC Registration
  • Admin Rights
Product Masters
  • Brand
  • Category
  • Item Type
  • Model
  • Sub Category
  • Unit Measurement Master
Branch management
  • add Branch
  • Search Branch
Employee Masters
  • Employee Type
  • Group
  • Skills Master
  • AMC Expire Report
  • AMC Reg Report
  • Closed & Cancel Calls
  • Pending Calls
  • Scrap Product Report
  • Stock Report
  • Technician Report
  • Warranty Expire Report
  • Warranty Reg Report
  • Specialization & Expertise in Software Domain.
  • Feel Good Environment while working in software – Fully Responsive.
  • Research & Development unit to keep you updated with new features and technology
  • Highly Secured with IP Setting + Time Bound + OTP
  • Extremely easy user interface designed systematically for computer illiterate people.
  • Easy to Integrate with any Module if later required by client
  • Easy to use Software (User Friendly)
  • Support Center for live query Handling
  • Android / IOS App Available on Demand
  • Well Versed with SMS & Email Integration
  • Fully Customizable Solution as per Client’s Requirement
  • Fully tested with Thousands of Record
  • Specialization & Expertise in Software Domain
  • Expertise in Solution building & Customization as per client requirement
  • Feel Good Environment while working in software – Fully Responsive
  • Fully Fledged software with all required modules for future prospects
  • Fast up-gradations and changes possible
  • No Regular Maintenance Required


Why should I use CRM Software To Manage My Business?

  • CRM Software is most of the reliable software with complete user integrity & advanced data security.
  • CRM Software provides core manufacturing solutions at very reasonable cost.
  • CRM Software has user friendly interfaces with completely customization providing each & every tool for its smooth operations.
  • To handle the complex operations of manufacturing companies. It’s almost impossible to manage the company without software.
  • If you are really serious about building a manufacturing business then you must have proper reports & data which our software provides at the first place.

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